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Lynnette Appling has managed to live a life of great purpose. Her heart has been established for the ongoing development, growth and purpose of women. Her desire is to see every woman evolve into the person they were always meant to be. She especially inspired to be the most intimate loving wife and mother she could be to her family by honoring God through her love for her them.

Because of the love and support from her family, Lynnette was enabled to complete daring fleets. In the year 2014, Lynnette Appling was the Visionary and Founder of I Am Healed International Tour which has boldly declared to the world that Jesus had already provided deliverance for those seeking spiritual, mental, emotional and physical healing. Lynnette was able to ensemble women from all walks of life to come together in unity for one purpose and that was to see the hurting redeemed. The tour touched and claimed foreign soil for Christ. Celebrating the heart of women, the cry for understanding and purposes had been heard and the answer was always….JESUS!

In adjacent, in the years 2012 -2013 Lynnette Appling was the Visionary and Founder of Christian Women’s Network TV. Lynnette was able to help bring strong Women’s Programming for international view that focused on everyday living with Jesus as the center. With that vision, her dream was to build the first ever International Christian Women’s Network that directly competed with BRAVO, Lifetime & WE Networks. This was 24 hour programming that anyone can watch on a regular basis. Known and unknown women had the chance to showcase their gifts to the world through that incredible vehicle of ministry.


Also in 2012, Lynnette Appling was the host of a National TV and Radio Show called “In Focus” which was carried by The Impact Network, and has been seen on Dish Network and on Comcast. On top of this, Lynnette carried a very powerful and international radio show on both The Impact Radio and Spreaker.com where over 24,000 listeners were tuning in daily. Seeing the success of “In Focus”, Lynnette decided to add producing to her repertoire. Lynnette produced and directed a hit talk show entitled "THE CLASS" which took real situations and brought the answer of Christ as the solution. Her greatest hope was to help women understand that there was another answer to the circumstances that they were in.


Today, Lynnette is debuting her new counseling show entitled "LYNNETTE'S PLACE". A new dynamic comprehensive TV Show dealing with the hearts of women. On this show, Lynnette helps women discover their true purpose in life. With hope, laughter, tears and a dose of truth, She empowers her guest to look at themselves and make the necessary changes to have success.


As a credit to her legacy, Lynnette Appling is the former founding Co-Pastor of New Wine International Fellowship Church. New Wine International Fellowship Church was a multi-culture, prosperous church that taught the people about a more intimate relationship with Christ and man. Each person was encouraged to face the truth about themselves and to look at each other through Kingdom understanding.

She was the Visionary & Founder of Ladies Night Out International for over 13 years. From 1999  to 2012, LNO was a dynamic global women’s 501c3 organization that brought tremendous healing and holistic prosperity to spiritually thirsty and hungry women. This ministry had invested over 1 million dollars into the Stark County Region through outreach ministry with the help of corporate sponsors and private funding. Through the outreach ministry of LNO, countless women received jobs, became financially equipped, had their bills paid and received scholarships, housing items and products. Ladies Night Out International traveled the nation hosting conferences in various cities. It has been a staple and template for many women’s ministries around the United States.


Because of the incredible success of Ladies Night Out International, Lynnette has embarked upon a new endeavor where she has established a much needed national retreat entitled "COURAGEOUS WOMEN". With this ministry, her aspirations are to provide a more intimate experience that enables the women to promote sisterhood, discover their own uniqueness, define their personal strength and establish their identity.  This retreat is held nationwide and is hosted three times a year.

Along with ministry, Lynnette is a very successful businesswoman who operates and runs, alongside her husband, Appling Management and Communications (AMC), which consists of providing consulting services that help train administration staff of new and thriving ministries. AMC has taken on another arm entitled AMC VideoMedia which has become a very lucrative and prosperous family business that provides low cost professional videography, editing and photography services.

Lynnette Appling continues with her mission to help women by establishing a successful prominent ghostwriting and publishing company, which has been in existence for over 20 years. LR ELITE BOOK PUBLISHING & GHOSTWRITING SERVICES is an extraordinary company where she helps women discover and publish their writings. Under this ministry, she has helped write, ghostwritten and/or published several books for renowned women around the world.


Lynnette Appling is an international author of several published writings in esteemed magazines and self-help blogs. She has been featured in "PROMOTING PURPOSE" Magazine, "WOMAN OF STANDARD Magazine", "I MATTER Magazine," “Shulamite Woman Magazine” ,“W.O.M.A.N Magazine”, “Gospel4U Magazine” and “Alabaster Magazine” amongst others. Her first book, “A Kept Woman” has been translated into four different languages. Because of her tremendous testimony, “A Kept Woman” had been written into a major stage play and traveled to the metropolitan cities around the state of Ohio. It was written and directed by Lynnette Appling and debuted in June of 2007 to a sold out crowd of 1200 people. Her second Book "The Heart Of A Woman" was published in 2007 and has been a trademark of deliverance for many women around the world. Her third book is entitled "WOMEN DEFINED: Breaking Free From Emotional Torment" has been utilized to provide healing to women who have been emotionally tormented.

As a tribute to Lynnette’s contribution to the State of Ohio, Lynnette has been rewarded through a mural of her work in the Circleville Ohio County Library for Black History Month as one of the most influential black woman to come out of Circleville Ohio. She was also awarded a Humanitarian Award for the incredible charity contributions she has performed and organized in the state of Ohio.

Blessed with an amazing music ministry career, Lynnette has had the humble honor of opening in concert and ministering for many gospel and contemporary Christian greats such as Tammy Trent, Pam Thum, Anointed, The William Brothers, Vicki Winans, Kenny Eldridge, Jaci Velasquez and Melba Moore as well as a Worshipping Psalmist for Bishop Iona Locke, Pastor Sheryl Brady, Pastor Cheryl Grissom, Bishop Charles Ellis III and the late Bishop Norman L. Wagner. Lynnette’s women’s ministry has hosted such greats as Tony & Cynthia Brazelton, Tapika Howard, Tommi Femrite, Maria Torres, Debbie Coffman and Mary Tiller Woods to name a few. Lynnette has also been a frequent requested soloist for the Ohio Republican party. She has had the privilege of being showcased on Total Christian TV, Comcast, Dish Network, Massillon Cable, The Impact Network, Trinity Broadcast Network, CBS, and Fox. Her debut CD “From Within: Psalms of Lament” was the #1 requested demo CD on Gospeldemo.com for over 40 weeks running in 2001 and was played on radio stations nationwide. Multiple radio stations have honored her music ministry and had voted her as “The Artist of the Year”. In January 2006, Ohio National Independent Artist Music Awards honored her CD entitled “Intimate Worship".

Lynnette currently travels the world teaching of God’s true character while elevating the minds of people to see and experience one true love…Jesus Christ. Her individual message is about total and complete healing that truly enlightens on redemptive resolutions and empowerment in one’s life. Sharing the message of God’s promises and often-overlooked covenants and kingdom architect, Lynnette reveals an eye and heart opening look at what Christ has stored up for those who simply believe and obey.


Each message, thought and manifestation throughout her life is a direct testimony of what Christ has done in her lifetime. It is unmistakably insightful of how powerful this message is for Lynnette teaches from spirit and relationship. God has unshackled, healed and released her on a course cultivating hope, promise and restoration for others.

Lynnette Appling is the spiritual daughter and the Executive Assistant to Pastors Tony & Cynthia Brazelton and now, along with her family, serves the ministry of Victory Christian Ministries International in Suitland and Waldorf MD. Lynnette has been married for many years to Jeffery Appling and is the proud mother of Shaila, Joshua, and Garra Appling. ~




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