Redemption, Purpose, Stability, Truth...these are all things that help heal the mind, but the greatest of all of these is TRUTH! In this teaching find out how Satan operates to cause mental instability and begin to heal your mind….
 *Repeated Attacks Perpetrated by the Enemy. Most Christians don’t know how to fight spiritually or naturally to keep the repeated assaults at bay or to even Identify the enemy.
 *Raw Access Penetrated by Evil. What are the Gateways that are open spiritually and naturally?
 *Relentless Assaults Prepared by Ecosystem. What are the harsh and cruel strategic maneuvers set up by a system of wickedness?
 *Ruthless Abrasions Produced by Emotions. People must face and release unhealed wounds created spiritually & naturally.
 *Restive Affliction Propagated by Emptiness. Most people have continuous pain multiplied by a deep vacancy of spirit and mind.

 Lynnette Appling breaks down the areas that need to be uncovered in order for the mind to heal and the heart to begin to expand in the truest and largest capacity of love.

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