January 23, 2014

Life is filled with mishaps. People come and go, money transitions in value, and moments climax then disappear. But there is a place in God, within the revelation of His Kingdom, where even in the mishaps or missteps in life can be motivated through obedience to His will and become blessed opportunities and expansion.


Once we realize that it is truly Jesus that we are lifting and not our own name, and that no-one man or woman owes us or owns us, and come to the most riveting understanding that money is a piece of wood pressed into paper that is utilized as a form of resourceful trade in this dimension, then much becomes clear.


The Kingdom's resources are not money or people, but it is favor, influence, wisdom, love, faith, revelation, understanding, the gift of binding and loosing, progressive action and favor, the ability to be graced and the proven insight to know mercy. Everything spiritual and empowering comes from the heavenlies domain.


The earth's dimension gives us the earthly resources to thrive while we are yet on this land. These resources are money, people, land, jobs, elements, children, and divine connections and yes, even Kingdom citizens/ Church Members.


We often confuse earth's resources with God's provision and thereby condemn, fight, fall out, disclaim and relocate people based on the lack of earth's resources available and call it a lack of God's favor. (I will be posting and in-depth study on this later). This creates a yoyo effect and devastating false accusations, where one actually believes that they have less of God's provision based on earth's resources.


Because man falls into the category of earth's resource as well as a Kingdom citizen (when they are living upright with God and man), then man is the gateway to both realms and has dual citizenship to make sure there is no lack in Kingdom Revelation which enables us to have favor on earth to produce. The problem then becomes where are the people of God who can transition Heaven’s backing to the earth?


We must think about this every time we open our mouths to say one is not blessed because of the appearance of lack. There are so many dimensions to this statement and caution is greatly needed. John the Baptist was greatly endowed with God’s provision, yet, he appeared to have lack by eating locusts and not having an established home. The Apostles, though greatly anointed with power and manifestations of God’s blessing, did not always have money. Each had resources provided by man in the earth realm to satisfy their earthly needs.


I am finding that in order to build God's Kingdom here on earth, you must utilize, equip and teach God's people that the earth's fullness is attainable for all men yet Kingdom access has specific understandings that are yet to be revealed.  Therefore, watch carefully how you discern what is of God and what is not. Jesus stated that the woman who gave half of a penny has more faith than those who had and did not give.



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