January 30, 2014


I want to introduce a concept many people do not think about; the role of women in the Kingdom of God. As I have just stated there are certain “gifts” or “abilities” God has given women because of our duty to overcome the enemy. We, as women, have an incredible sense of discernment. We can look at a person and know the spirit in which they carry. We also can bring peace or chaos to any situation based on the mood we are in. We can influence kings just with our tone reflection in the things we say. We have been able to administrate, educate, unify, and build. With all of this comes responsibility. Women were not given these gifts to utilize for selfish motives or to use against another woman but to enhance, protect plus build the Kingdom of God.

If women are constantly and consistently against one another, Satan wins. It’s written in Genesis 3:15 that we our his enemies, but we as women are more focused on beating out the next woman or being without friendships in order to obtain the next position or goal in life. We actually look at other women as enemies.

What saddens me is the physical state, environment and/or influence of females against other females. It has been one of the greatest weapons Satan has been able to employ against the Kingdom of God. Intimidation of other women exploits women by aiding the enemy to consume our resources, which are priceless, within one another. Women literally carry the waste of the promises while maiming, disfiguring, defacing and harming another woman. Through committing these crimes against another through backbiting, gossip, assumption, competition, and host of other things, we literally give intimidation a right to take our resources of love, compassion, and the prosperity of trust.

As stated before, women do this kind of harm to one another because they don’t understand the responsibility of being unified. Women need Women! When I speak of need, I speak of what is necessary to get something done. We must have each other’s back!  We must protect each other’s spirit! We must increase each other’s hope because it is necessary for the promises of our children! It is necessary for the generations who are coming up behind us! It is necessary for women to be able to thrive at a new level of understanding! This embodies having knowledge to proceed; the willingness to forgive others; the ability to be sympathetic because you understand how another woman feels and the competence to participate in a “now” solution. This is the responsibility, (the assignment, the accountability) that is essential to accomplish winning the spiritual war against women.

We must as women, begin to fully grasp as we acknowledge what is fully at stake. There was an investment made in our DNA from the beginning of time that propels us to win.

The Default Method

Unfortunately, some women have been taught to disqualify anything who does not meet the “status quo”.  Various women intimidate other women by default. This mindset can be displayed in how a woman believes another woman is to look, perform or achieve. Even in the body of Christ, we have a distorted view in what it takes to be a woman of greatness. This has caused tremendous damage in female friendships as well as in a female’s persona. There have been women who have physically harmed themselves and have felt broken emotionally because of this state of mind. Because of this, advantages that are rightfully part of women’s inherited promise has been spoiled. Due to this delinquent (behaving in a way that is criminal or immoral) mindset that bolted our access (the right or opportunity to have or use) to our promise, some women feel defeated or present themselves throughout life at a victim level of competence.


Through intimidation, women compete on a large scale by comparing themselves to an imaginary “status quo”. This breeds a widely accepted behavior which cancels out room for growth or change in any individual. In other words, wherever you last had a problem with the other person is where you pick up. So every time you hear that woman’s name or your see the person you become agitated, angry or accusatory. In this state of mind, it is impossible to allow room for someone to change or grow. You always see them in that last moment. We judge to condemn a person on their last personal interaction with us.


For example, Elizabeth treated you poorly 4 years ago. You, in response, decided to never be a part of her life again. Not in any way will you ever allow her access to you again. Now, 4 years later as you are walking in the grocery store, Elizabeth is walking out. She smiles at you with a completely pure smile. She is genuinely happy to see you. You then begin to remember how this woman treated you so unfairly. “How dare she act as though nothing happened. She knows what she did.” You tense up in your body, perk your lips, shrug your shoulders and begin to walk off. You have no idea your quietness 4 years ago taught her to never treat anyone that way again. You have no earthly clue she has been looking for you to tell you she accepted Jesus into her life because of how you responded to her. You probably couldn’t even phantom that she started an anti-bullying organization in your name and wanted to invite you to speak at her award ceremony. No! You would never think like that because where you last experienced the person is where you judged her and subsequently where she was supposed to stay. She wasn’t supposed to grow into a kind gentle person. She wasn’t supposed to be prosperous. She wasn’t supposed to have Christ in her life. She was too mean. Punishment should have been her reward. Struggle was supposed to wrap around her neck to keep her hidden for decades. Right? Wrong! If God is the Hope of Glory in You then something should always change when they experience you. You have the responsibility to produce great results in everyone you meet. Don’t expect your love to come back null and void. Believe in your assignment. Believe you have accomplished whatever your mission was in the other woman’s life.


We, as women, have the wrong perspective. We sit around and wait for the discord, the distrust, the ambush to happen. Instead of murmurings that inspire sabotage, why can’t we believe He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world, while expecting our just return on what we sowed into another woman’s life?


We have to reprogram our directive to fight the right enemy. Give other people and God’s love time to increase in value. What I do for women is supposed to harvest souls! I expect for a woman who I have helped, to learn to expand while growing.  Sometimes the turnaround is quick, other times it is slow. Though at times it can be hurtful, I have to believe my value and quality is perfected in Christ Jesus. Therefore, I get results. I can empower other women to be great women, because my love gets results! When women look at each other in this capacity, at this level of truth, we will then be able to increase another women’s worth by simply being her friend; not because of what we have in a material aspect or even in influential sphere but because we see the investment of the nations that will be moved through our friendship.


Behavioral Reform

We, as women, must stop the terror of intimidation. This cycle can be eliminated by simple reflection. When women begin to take ownership for each other the enemy will be defeated. When women learn to be transparent by changing the logic of how other women are treated, we will see behavioral reform. The days of “extreme attitude”, “loud debates”, “irrational demands”, “snakelike movements of the neck/head”, “snapping or flipping of the wrist and/or hand”, “extreme rudeness”, “exaggerated arrogance” “over the top pretentiousness” combined with “manipulation” to “altered name calling” would be over. This would not be the accepted form of communication. Instead, each woman we meet would be accepted at the appraisal of Christ’s blood.


In retrospect, women must hold other women responsible for their own emotions. This increases the price of friendship between women. In holding one responsible, women can no longer make the excuse that their emotional tyranny against another woman is justified simply because it’s part of their “personality”. The saying “this is just me” is no longer acceptable nor is the saying “I do me and you do you.” These are all statements of irresponsibility. They represent a selfish mentality which does no earthly good for anyone. This mindset is why others are so quick to mistreat women. We must begin to treat each other with the ultimate respect and decency. We continuously say respect is earned, yet the behavior we display to other women teaches all people that women are less valuable. In order to change the crimes against women, women must be the first to value one another. It is within our power as well as our God given authority to shape nations, to remold world systems who view women as less. How can we do this? We must begin to treat one another as though we see our own reflection. This is imperative as we mentor young girls into womanhood. Many would argue that respect must be earned. But I want to challenge this thought for a second. In dealing with women as a whole, hasn’t the right of respect already been proven in the strength it takes to simply live in this world? It doesn’t matter the race, the color nor the culture, women must fight systems and mentalities to live and in the midst of adversity, give life. This deserves the ultimate respect! This is why each woman should be free to express acceptance of every woman. It all begins with us.


When a woman walks into the acquaintance of another woman to be a friend, a mutual understanding must take place. This understanding must encompass the ability that allots for each person to grow.  Without this, the entire purpose of “being like Christ” is lost in the present day translation of true sisterhood. Each woman must effectively possess aspects of change. This must be the essential purpose of why we exist for one another. Stability, security, along with the exchange of knowledge can only be enjoyed when we realize how to communicate the purpose of our friendship.


Relationships with Men, Understanding Money & Responsibility of Your Destiny!


It is the same core values in which I just went over previously that are still relevant with relationships with men, understanding money and taking full responsibility of your destiny.


In all these spheres you must value who you are and who the other pertinent person or objective is. The lesser you value any of these areas in your life, the more confusion there is. The question should always be in any circumstance, “Does this person, situation or circumstance increase the “value” of my life or does it deplete the foundation of who God says I am?” Keep in mind, you can never create anything from pure, uncompromising hostility other than disruption. Always check your own heart motive, consider the position and spiritual posture of the relationship. Finally, direct the course of your future with your own words.


Here are some key things to keep in mind in regards to the following arenas when it comes to intimidation:



  1. Men are never to force your will. God is a God of pro-choice. You must be able to make a spiritual decision about your life without fear. When there is abrupt fear encompassed with desperation, it is not of God.

  2. Men are commanded by God to love their wives as God loves the church. Men must have a spiritual relationship with God which transcends into consistent productive behaviors.

  3. You are not to alter your character based on an opinion. It is one thing to grow into an understanding of who you are as a person, it is quite another story to be forced into mental and physical bondage.

  4. Make the right choice the first time. When you value yourself, the price of your acquaintance is priceless and released only through the gateway of God. Don’t allow anything to cheapen your aroma.

  5. A Godly man seeks out himself in the reflection of his woman. Because of this, he would never disrespect the core values of a righteous woman.

  6. Spirit will search for Spirit, flesh will search for flesh. When flesh seeks gratification, it looks for the characteristics that enhance the greediness of its own self. This is breeding ground for intimidation. On this foundation alone, a woman will act out of fear to maintain the relationship created in flesh. The man can then manipulate by strengthening the greatest fear of a woman.


There is so much more to this subject, but I encourage you to read my books entitled “A KEPT WOMAN” and “THE HEART OF A WOMAN”.  You can purchase these books on Barnes & and as eBooks or order the printed version for study material at These books will teach you on the principles of a Godly man and deepen your understanding of your authority in the area of relationships with men.



  1. Money has no emotions and thereby should never be treated as something that can possess.

  2. Money cannot intimidate unless it is given an emotional identity by you.

  3. Money must always be commanded. (Key Principal) It was created to serve a need, it was never meant to rule, govern or have a hierarchy.

  4. You must be a good steward who can give consistent instructions and have precise follow through.

  5. Money will consume itself if not trained to produce. Training of money comes at the cost of a disciplined mindset. Change your view of money and money will always be in your view.

  6. Many people are intimidated by money because they are afraid of losing it and afraid of having it. They’re mentality is stuck and indecisive. Make a decision to use money for what it was created in this earth realm for. Stay within the legal guidelines governing money and it will produce a great yield for you.


Women must understand, it is not a sin to have money, nor does it produce evil to govern a lot of it. We, as Christians were put into the earth to govern. Money is simply part of the process. Again, put everything in its proper perspective, take the worldly suggestions of money out of your thought process, and put money in its proper place. It is a tool to expand your life.


I encourage you to get my husband’s teaching on FINANCIAL FREEDOM to learn more about Money Etiquette. Please remember, money is not the enemy but being intimidated by something tangible is.

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